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Bilingualism study and audio transcription


Our work at Lingvista is not limited to dealing with translations and foreign languages. As the need arises, we provide editing, DTP service, proofreading by an expert in any specified field or a native speaker of any language, audio and video transcription, subtitling, subtitles translation and many other services which do not seem obvious to be done by a translation agency. This December, we will take part in an academic bilingualism study. Our task is transcription of multiple interviews with distinctive interviewees.

Our city is a big educational center, so we often cooperate with Tomsk universities in various projects. This November, Lingvista provided simultaneous interpretation at an international conference in legal studies. The event took three days, and three of our interpreters had been working there. A pair of specialists usually provides simultaneous interpretation, but this time we decided to select three linguists, for them to better study the subject of some specific presentations done by foreign and Russian speakers.

This December, we will accomplish another project in cooperation with one of the leading Tomsk universities. Lingvista team – both in-house and freelance – will be really busy with audio transcription for the sake of an academic research. It is a study in linguistics; it’s dedicated to bilingualism, which is an extraordinary phenomenon – bilingual people have two native languages at once. There are many hours of interviews with bilinguals, and our task is to turn them into text which will convey all the peculiarities of their way of speaking. For these texts to be a reliable research basis, we need to highlight every significant detail: the way they put stress on Russian words and pronounce them, or how they suddenly switch to their second native language.

Lingvista project managers selected a big team of transcribers and proofreaders, provided them with detailed instructions and rules. Besides, we plan to spend a lot of time checking the transcriptions ourselves, in our office. The job is going to be promising, diligent and exciting! So we put on our headphones and get ready to dive into the depths of bilingualism for long fascinating hours :)

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