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The second business lunch for exporters


Last November, we told about the initiative of Lingvista and Smart Business Trips to organize meetings for exporting companies from Tomsk (not only). The story continued in 2018: the second business lunch was held on January 26th in Stroganina Bar. The participants focused on doing business in China, discussing real cases and ways to work successfully in this country. There were two invited speakers: the chairman of the Committee for International Cooperation from the regional administration, and a business expert reaching out from Hong Kong. Besides, the participants shared their own experience eagerly, which evolved in a really keen discussion.

Exporting to China is of great interest to many entrepreneurs, but trade relations with this country have certain peculiarities. This was the subject of conversation for around 25 exporters who took part in the business lunch last Friday, January 26th, held in Stroganina Bar in Tomsk. The meeting was organized by Lingvista and Smart Business Trips, being the second event in a series of business lunches for companies interested in selling their services and goods abroad.

The speakers were Maksim Volkov, chairman of the Committee for International Cooperation and the deputy head of the Department for International and Regional Communication from the regional administration, and Lyudmila Fedorova, CEO and co-founder of the consulting companies SkyLexConsulting and SkyLexExport-ImportLtd., business expert and former operating officer of YotaDevices in China, senior executive of MTS. By the way, that was our first experience of connecting a remote speaker online: Lyudmila went live straight from Hong Kong.

The meeting was really engaging: entrepreneurs entered into discussion easily, sharing their experience of doing business with Chinese partners. All in all, useful and pleasant communication is the main purpose of our business events. Are you willing to spend time efficiently and learn more about Russian exporting business? Feel free to join us, the next meeting is planned for the 2nd of March!

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