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The third business lunch for exporters


An early spring came to our city, and we are ready to continue effective communication with exporters.  The third business lunch held by Lingvista and Smart Business Trips took place on the 2nd of March. This time, the main topic of the meeting was doing business in the Philippines. Participants had an opportunity to talk to a speaker who has a real experience of living and doing business projects in this island country which still stays enigmatic to the majority of Russian people.

Business meeting, held on the 2nd of March in Stroganina Bar, was the third one in a row of events for exporters organized by our company. Since the first meeting in November 2017, we discovered an actual need for information about doing business abroad. However, Russian exporters are rather hesitant about leaving the familiar European market for the completely new Asian region. Even if they consider working with Asia, China is usually the only country being talked about. This fact is proven by statistics: there were not as many people on the meeting this time, as there were on the previous one, dedicated to China. Anyway, we’re sure that time to consider Asia as a serious export target has come. We’ve got our reasons to be confident: there are some Russian exporters already supplying as much of their production to the Philippines as they do to Europe, under the same terms and conditions.

Evgenia Krasnova, an expert in marketing and business development in foreign markets, was our speaker on the meeting. As she has a 3 years experience of living and carrying out business projects in Philippines, she was able to tell a lot of interesting facts about this country to the audience: business project development, peculiarities of negotiating with Philippine partners, interaction with local governmental agencies and mass-media were among the top subjects of discussion. Sharing first-hand experience is always the most valuable thing: how else could the participants learn that Filipinos get only 5 vacation days, according to the law?

We live in a vastly different world; both East and West have their own business traditions. Learning them is the best way to make a significant contribution to the mutually efficient international cooperation.

Don’t hesitate to join us in the next export-related meetings to stay tuned.

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