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Solving Chinese puzzles


There is one permanent tendency among others in the rapidly developing translation world: the Chinese language keeps being on top. Translation, interpretation, business and tourist trips to Russia, commercial correspondence, contracts, agreements, technical manuals… a wide variety of international cooperation aspects requiring linguistic support.

Dealing with European partners, it’s possible to manage with just English. Many people from Europe speak English good enough to send emails and discuss basic business conditions. But what if foreign partners don‘t speak any language except their native Chinese?

It is quite typical for many Asian companies. Their websites are often not translated into English, not to mention Russian and other languages; sometimes Asian specialists go on business trips abroad without any foreign language skills. An example from our recent practice: in July, one of Tomsk plants was visited by a technical expert from China speaking just Chinese. His Russian colleagues did their best to break through the language barrier, but didn’t really succeed. Thus, they sent a request to Lingvista. The project budget was quite tight, so they chose services of a university student learning Chinese instead of an experienced technical interpreter. It worked, however: goals of the business trip were reached in a couple of working days. By the way, our in-house project manager Elena participated in the project too, since she is a qualified Chinese translator. We thank her not only for her work, but also for the photo she has taken :)

Moreover, hearing people speak Chinese right here in our office, has become a fact of life for us. Some clients come to us personally to clear up their orders’ details: share DTP preferences, compare several previously translated documents or wait for their urgent translations delivery. Our clients from China are always happy to find Chinese-speaking people among Lingvista in-house managers. It allows them to discuss their needs and requirements effortlessly!

Aside from providing B2C services in the Russian-Chinese language pair, we are now building up a team of translators and editors to get ready for a large cryptocurrency project. We always look for native speakers to translate from Russian into Chinese, so it means a new exciting experience for us :)

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