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New Year – new industries


At the end of the year, we normally look back at the past and make conclusions. Experts of the Russian Language Creative Development Center did just the same: stepping into 2018, they defined the words most frequently used by Russian-speaking people. The second place was taken by the word “bitcoin”, while “cryptocurrency” was on the seventh. Current trends didn’t pass us by either: we finished 2017, exploring a new translation field – cryptocurrency and mining.

Technologies tend to develop by leaps and bounds, discovering new spaces and fascinating people. It goes without saying: English is the language of international development and communication. However, to reach global coverage, it is a good practice to present information in different languages native for local user communities. Go, translators!

Since December 2017, Lingvista has been cooperating with a foreign translation company specializing in the bitcoin and blockchain industry. We took part in English-Russian projects and had a chance to master the new subject area starting from the very first article to translate, which was a “Cryptocurrency for dummies” guide. Now we’re completing another project - translation of a promo presentation from English into Russian.

We found out that many of our reliable translators already have experience in this subject. By relying on our proven translators and editors and testing new freelancers carefully, we can ensure the high quality of translation in virtually any field. Even if it comes to such a new and fancy subject as cryptocurrency :)

If you need to translate anything highly specialized, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll puzzle it out.

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