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To see and to be seen: participation in international fairs and exhibitions


The world is changing rapidly, so companies need to track all business trends and news to keep up the pace. International fairs and trade shows make it possible: the number of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world is growing year by year. English is a common language of business communication worldwide, so overcoming the language barrier is often a top-priority issue for a potential exhibitor. Lingvista is ready to find solutions for every challenge connected with participation in an international exhibition or trade show. Below is the description of our relevant experience.

International exhibitions offer a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to present their business and keep up with current trends in their industry. Such events are always attractive, because they offer a place where visitors can find various inventions, new ideas, services and goods, innovative technologies, etc. Moreover, international exhibitions are a global meeting point for producers, consumers, exporters, state authorities’ representatives from all over the world. Interpreters are those who connect all the participants. Guiding a visitor through an exhibition, an interpreter becomes a communication assistant by helping to get in touch with potential partners and foreign colleagues. Lingvista has organized interpretation at several international events lately: WIN Eurasia 2018 in Istanbul (Turkey), plumbing equipment presentation in Yerevan (Armenia) and the Russia’s biggest building and interiors trade show MosBuild, Moscow. Our interpreters worked with English, Russian, Turkish and Armenian languages within these projects.

Our exhibition service isn’t limited to interpretation. There are usually a lot of preparation activities before the event starts: business logistics, hotel booking, translation of presentations and press kits, exhibition booth design, etc. Much work awaits after the event as well, including translation of business emails and arranging meetings with new potential partners. Finding new business partners abroad, translating product presentations and getting our clients prepared for participation in international exhibitions are the key services of Smart Business Trips which arose from Lingvista. If you are launching a new business in Russia, searching for partners, distributors, or carrying out projects in Russia – we are at your full disposal.

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