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Interpreting right here and now


How long would it take to get from Tomsk to Tyumen across 1,500 km? Call us in the morning and we’re there in the afternoon – ready to work!

A few days ago, early in the morning, we received a call from a representative of a welding equipment manufacturer located in Tyumen. Foreign specialists were about to start a staff training session in the company, but they hit the language barrier which was impossible to overcome without an interpreter’s assistance. Quite a challenge, isn’t it? Being helpful even if it comes to urgency has always been a sign of a reliable business partner. That’s why we did our best to find an interpreter in Tyumen – and succeeded after only a few hours of research. We found a local interpreter, skilled and experienced enough for a project with sophisticated technical vocabulary.

The project had lasted for a week. As a result, the client’s staff in Tyumen gained necessary knowledge and we got a chance to broaden our experience of working within tight deadlines.