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January 2020: a great start of the year


January can often tell you what kind of year you are going to have. There is literally no time to be bored: after the holidays had been over, we dealt with various projects and tasks. Now, Lingvista team is back to work; we’ve got much done by the beginning of February. That is what we are going to tell about.

Frankly speaking, winter holidays are not that long at Lingvista: In Russia, days off start later and last longer, while our foreign partners are usually back to work on January 2nd. This means, our managers share days off to stay in touch and react to urgent requests if necessary. This rule is applicable for any public holiday in Russia, so please feel free to reach us at with your translation/interpretation request anytime!

Since the beginning of the year, we have provided interpretation in Saint Petersburg and Makhachkala for our long-term business partner from Italy; he has been working with our interpreters for a long time by now, so he can always count on them when on business trip in Russia and any CIS country.

Meanwhile, our work in the audio transcription project goes on, and we learn more about new transcription tricks day by day. What had seemed a simple task, turned out to be quite a challenge demanding concentration and much attention to speech patterns and peculiarities. Just try to take down someone’s fluent speech with all the interjections and junk words included, and you’ll get it ;)

Our translation services were often requested by German partners this month. We completed the 700th order for a client from Frankfurt, and translated documents of a chemical subject for a big company from Munich. Besides that, Lingvista managers are now searching for native US English speakers experienced in translating telecommunications- and IT-related texts from the Russian language, since we expect another great project to start in the nearest future. The search is still in progress, so February is going to be eventful too. Stay tuned!