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Lingvista has always been working with freelancers residing worldwide. Actually, we live 4 hours away from Moscow, our capital, not to mention the time difference with the USA. However, Internet makes us able to overcome distances, and this has never been a hindrance to efficient cooperation. The year of 2020 changed people's lifestyle globally, and so we learned that remote working is useful not only for those living continents away, but also for Lingvista team members working from home in a single Siberian city.

We are waiting for a change for the better, just like everybody else on Earth. Luckily, our clients are not desperate either! Many offices are closed, but life and work still go on. Our partners from US and European translation agencies are now particularly active: we get in touch and accept big volumes daily. Legal papers, marketing and advertising texts, manuals and important updates caused by the pandemic: it all needs to be urgently translated both from English into Russian and from Russian/Ukrainian into English. That's why we keep working hard, sharing projects among translators, studying new strict Style Guide rules and diving into the depths of British vs. American spelling.

Most of our projects involve working with special CAT tools, such as Trados and MemoQ. Our foreign partners see the true value of such software, and we wish that our translators could do the same. For those who have never dealt with CAT tools before, our PM Elena created a detailed tutorial. Besides, she is ready to call and explain all the options in simple terms, in real time mode, if it is necessary. When a project is completed, we always strive for giving our linguists an appropriate feedback, to increase the quality of their work.

However, the software we use daily is not limited to CAT tools. Now we also learn new about different messengers, platforms and tools for online conferences and video remote interpretation (VRI). Last week, we have conducted several tests with our interpreters and even got a request on VRI via Skype from a client from the city of Ulyanovsk. The interpreter has already been selected and tested; now we are only waiting for the final confirmation of the negotiations date. Hopefully, we will soon tell about our VRI experience!

Aside from that, there are multiple translation projects we complete for our Russian clients: everything from technical drawings and formulas to creative design portfolio projects and standard papers with notary certification. The way we hand over these documents to our clients is still the same: our manager is ready to meet you in the office upon request. We have also mastered a new way of documents delivery. Now it is possible to deliver them with Yandex Taxi service (in case the client is in Tomsk), which turned out to be an effective and quick solution. Please contact us with your translation/interpretation needs, and we will find a proper way to handle your request. Our website, email:, cell phone / WhatsApp: +7 913 827 21 11.

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