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Audio projects: listening, scripts, voice over


Media projects belong to one of the translator’s broadest fields of action. Firstly, it’s subtitles translation, but there are a lot of other professional areas here. Now Lingvista is working on several media projects: listening to audios, creating scripts, translating and recording video voice over, both assisted by native English speakers and on our own.

Audiovisual materials are literally everywhere around us: movies and TV series, educational videos with subtitles, documentaries, company presentations, radio broadcasts, interviews, scientific materials which can be used in every field of expertise, from linguistics to nuclear physics. This September, Lingvista has got a chance to work in some of the above directions at once.

Tomsk is famous in Russia and beyond for many scientific and research centers; this is a city of students, scholars and scientists. We cooperate with Tomsk universities quite often: Lingvista provides consecutive & simultaneous interpretation services and equipment for international conferences and accepts students for on-the-job trainings. Currently, Lingvista takes part in a bilingualism research: we decode audio interviews with people speaking two native languages. This is rather a challenge, since we need to take down and note all the phonetic and grammar peculiarities of the speakers, because linguists will study bilingualism and make their conclusions based on these scripts. For completing a scope of interviews, we built up a big team of decoders and proofreaders. Proofreaders check final texts in order to compare them with source audios and make sure that all the speech patterns were spotted accurately.

Another project we work on now is a video voice over performed by an English native speaker for a large Russian construction company. Presentation to a foreign audience is always an important part of a company development, so our client took a serious approach to the deal. We got strict requirements for desired voice and tone, selected several voice over artists and tested them to make the final choice among several native speakers. Now we continue working on the project, as voice over is quite a creative process which needs no rush. The combination of inspiration and meeting requirements is a key to success.

By the way, not only big companies search for voice over services. Some of our individual customers also need to present their projects abroad, no matter if it’s narrative literature or advertising copy. When a client doesn’t have a special wish for voice over done by an English native, the in-house team of Lingvista goes ahead. Thus, our office turns into a record studio sometimes and it feels like being in an artist’s workshop. Come pay us a visit, we’ll show you how it’s done ;)

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    We have been collaborating with Lingvista for more than 2 years now. During this period the company has proved itself a reliable partner.


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