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Pre-festive week and some leisure time together


End of December: both the city and the office of ours sparkle with festive lights, decorated Christmas trees are everywhere, and even the harsh Siberian frosts don’t stop us from shopping for New Year gifts. Nevertheless, it’s also time for the most active work with no chance for us to laze. But it’s really important to take mind off things at the right time – especially if there’s something to celebrate with a good mood and great company. What’s more to wait for?

When the festive season comes, Lingvista team traditionally goes on an adventure. Together we went through cooking master class, art workshop and even spent one of our parties in the sauna, according to the good old Russian New Year tradition. This time, we decided to spend the evening with the guys from Goodnight Tomsk company. They offer multiple creative ways to celebrate special occasions with friends and colleagues. We were split into two teams and competed with each other in various contests, finding out the most savvy, reactive and artistic ones among us. Sometimes we even needed to explain words without speaking, just by gestures and mimic. This task was really a challenging one for us linguists, used to rely on our language skills!

All in all, the evening turned out great. We managed to stop and have some fun on Monday to recharge energy and get ready to face the last working week of this year. It’s quite busy: we dealt with an urgent Chinese-Russian interpretation project (performed by our in-house manager, by the way), selecting and testing specialists for a large upcoming translation project, preparing accounting papers and also sending season’s greetings out to the world, which is the most pleasant task of the last working week of the year.

Hope you all have good time celebrating Christmas and New Year!