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“Projects” reconsidered

“Projects” reconsidered

Everybody understands the duties of translators or interpreters. What about project managers? We’re going to throw light on this enigmatic job, tell about the wide variety of our projects, point out the portfolio update available on our website and prove that every mission is possible.

Diving deep into English topographical vocabulary, finding a big bus for a group of 47 French tourists after a couple of hours, and watching an American drama episode in order to advise a translator on the right way to convey the meaning of a pun afterwards? As easy as a pie! In case you were a project manager working in a translation agency.

In addition to our main area of specialization – comprehensive linguistic support, we deal with various projects: from interpretation during a wedding ceremony, to Chinese voiceover for promotional videos, and translation of large manuals. It goes without saying that these projects are accomplished by native speakers of relevant languages and translators specializing in certain areas. However, project managers should be well aware of everything at the same time: from using special subtitling software to deciphering of complicated abbreviations. That’what we are striving for!

The updated “Projects” portfolio on our website demonstrates the experience of Lingvista in different areas: interpretation and translation in various subjects and language pairs, audiovisual translation (subtitles, video scripts, etc.), as well as guided tours in quite a number of languages. And our project managers provide full information support and ensure that each order is completed with due quality and on time. 

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