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Corporate parties in restaurants aren’t a novel idea anymore there is a wide range of possibilities to spend time in a creative way. Lingvista had several reasons for going out at a working day’s night. Spring has come; we’d celebrated International Women’s Day recently, and the team members decided to spend one of Friday evenings together. Guess how? Taking part in a quiz!

Quiz contests become more and more popular nowadays. This is a new way to spend time together, when friends and colleagues can build up a team, apply for a contest and imagine themselves true experts from a TV mind game. There are a lot of people willing to participate, so we had to apply for a contest beforehand. It was all worth it. A quiz game offers a great opportunity to spend time with a team, have a rest, brainstorm together and get inspired by the team spirit which brought Lingvista close to the TOP-3 best teams. By the way, some experienced quiz players admitted it was a successful start for us. We got a nice souvenir from the quiz organizers and also great pleasure from the evening spent usefully and joyfully.

A close-knit team and the feeling of fellowship are beneficial in all circumstances, whether in a quiz contest or in translation project management. That’s practically proven by us :)

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    We would like to thank Lingvista team for their promptness and patience while solving various tasks. They have always been ready to work and expressed competence while doing it. 


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