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New Spring in a New Office


Spring is the very best time for renewal and awakening. Why not for relocation?

Lingvista’s office is still located in the same building, we changed just the room space (the new office is more spacious) and floor (the next floor down). From now on, we’re waiting for our clients and guests in the room number 311, while the address is still the same: Tomsk, 7 Karla Marksa street, next door to the Pushkinskaya library and the River Tom embankment.

Come pay us a visit, our new office is just as cozy as it used to be :) Besides, it’s really sunny, so we’ve got everything to feel the spring come!

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    Whatever task we set before the agency, we always receive a high-quality result we are satisfied with, and we have never heard any complaints from our clients...

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