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Thank you, gracias, merci: our participation in the “Thank You” campaign


There are some things to stick to: kindness and generosity, helpfulness and gratefulness, as it’s really important to be able to thank those who helped us. The “Thank You” campaign is initiated by “Rybakov Fund” to make it possible: to express gratitude and send warmest greetings to people across the globe. Lingvista supports the campaign as a volunteer: we spell out and correct handwritten foreign addresses on international “thank you” postcards for them to reach recipients safely and make the world a better place.

Have you experienced a challenge you went through, being helped by another person, even a stranger? The “Thank You” special campaign is created for “everybody who remembers kind attitude and good deeds”, as initiators put it. Free postcards can be sent from any of 15,000 post offices throughout Russia, and they will definitely find a person they were addressed to, even if you don’t know their exact address or a full name, but do eagerly want to thank them for a good deed that let you meet once.

Gratitude and helpfulness know neither limits nor state borders. Campaign participants send postcards across the world, so sometimes foreign language skills are needed to spell out and write addresses correctly, especially if it’s China, Kuwait or any other country with a non-alphabetic writing system. The handwritten addresses are to be deciphered and typed legibly to be put onto envelopes. That’s where initiators from the “Rybakov Fund” asked Lingvista to step in and help, and we took a chance to become volunteers of the mission. It’s a pleasure to apply language skills to reaching such good goals and make a difference :)

Everyone can take part in the “Thank You” campaign: if there’s somebody you want to express your gratitude to, don’t postpone this meaningful step – it’s possible to send a free “Thank You” postcard right now! If you’re currently in Tomsk, you can find them in any of 40+ post offices and in the Lingvista’s office as well. Come pay us a visit, we’ll gladly share some postcards with you.

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