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The multicultural city of Tomsk


Living in the middle of the Western Siberia, we aren’t really surprised when foreigners we communicate with recognize the name of our city. The reason is that Tomsk is nowadays known as a significant educational centre both in Russia and abroad. A lot of students from all over the world choose Siberia, Tomsk and its universities for their academic studies. Indeed, frost, taiga and bears are not the only attractions here ;)

Students come to Russia not only to study the Russian language and become linguists in future. There are also many technical specialists of various fields among the exchange students. Walking along the streets in Tomsk, one can easily meet people of every race and hear them speak English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese… and it’s still not the full list.

We often deal with foreigners, doing translation of their civil papers into Russian. For example, there were Argentinean and Vietnamese passports and certificates to be translated and notarized among the recent requests. Besides, speakers of foreign languages also help us to perform some special missions, like voiceover of promo videos, interpreter testing, and proofreading.

Lingvista is always eager to meet and support international city visitors. We look forward to active and efficient development of international cooperation in the field of education and beyond.

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