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Translating a book from Russian into English


What inspires us to choose a translator’s profession? That’s our interest in foreign languages, a wish for learning new cultures and an aspiration for self-realization. One of our latest projects was especially creative: we completed the translation of a book called “Marketing Girl” written by Ruslan Galka.

Everyone loves reading. Especially if it’s not only fascinating but useful. The book “Marketing Girl. A novel about how to find love and a flourishing business” written by Ruslan Galka, an author from Moscow, represents a beautiful specimen of interesting and helpful business literature. Fresh ideas and innovative marketing solutions are surely able to wake interest of both domestic and foreign audience.

The novel has been recently translated from Russian into English by the creative team of Lingvista. The book was fully adapted to be comprehensive for foreign readers due to participation of an English native speaker. Being a graduate journalist and philologist, he made the novel sound perfectly authentic.

So ideas are converted into words, the inspiration is caught and your book is done. Feel free to contact us. We’ll help your creativity to overcome the language barrier on the way to foreign readers’ hearts!

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