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It’s our professional holiday, so let’s talk about us!


On International Translation Day, we traditionally tell about the most interesting projects and tasks we usually deal with. This subject is as limitless, as the variety of our professional missions. The need for translation and interpretation arises in every filed possible, from nuclear science to travel advertising. Moreover, English is not the only language people need to translate from/to. For example, do you know where is the mysterious Yupik language spoken? We do!

If you wish to freely pass through every door and easily get into the places with “no entry” sign, you should become a professional interpreter! Our colleagues not only work on a PC in airless rooms; they are irreplaceable at high-level governments meetings, during serious surgical interventions with innovative treatment methods applied, or interviews with famous showmen and rockstars… An interpreter is able to smooth rough discussions and help partners to achieve an understanding.

Interpreters of Lingvista have successfully worked on remote oilfields in Siberia, which may be only reached by a helicopter; at an international lawyers’ session in Taurida Palace of Saint Petersburg, at a poultry plant located in Tomsk and also on the sidelines of World Cup 2018 held in Russia. What else could combine these events like that? Our translators keep up the pace too. In September, we completed translations both from English to the rare Sakha (Yakut) language and from Montenegrin to Russian; found native speakers from UK, USA and Germany and made them to our reliable partners; translated hundreds of pages from Ukrainian to English and a bit less from Russian to Kazakh. For the last couple of years, Ligvista received requests for translation into an exotic Yupik language twice; it's spoken by native Eskimos people from the Far East and Alaska. Our managers handle multiple different projects at once: we translate a fiction book and loads of legal papers, bank documents and articles about sport events happening in the upcoming 2020…

Let’s be honest: What we do is equally important for businessmen, travelers, journalists etc. Congratulations, dear colleagues! Just a little reminder: you are indispensable :)

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    We would like to thank Lingvista team for their promptness and patience while solving various tasks. They have always been ready to work and expressed competence while doing it. 


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