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Localizing videos from English into Russian


Nowadays there's nothing easier than exchanging messages and sharing videos online due to the global access to Internet. It seems there are neither borders nor barriers anymore! Except the language barrier. What to do, if colleagues shared an important tutorial video in another language, and it is a serious challenge for the employees? Just send us a request: we'll localize videos and make them sound in your native language.

Multiple text pages have gradually been replaced with media files everywhere in life: they're comprehensible and much more catchy. This change relates to Lingvista's projects too. We translate subtitles, take down scripts of audio and visual materials, localize foreign videos for the Russian speaking audience and also implement voice over projects, cooperating with professional voice over artists, native speakers of any target language, no matter if it's Russian or American English. 

Our client sent us a bunch of educational videos in English meant for medical laboratory workers and researchers. It had already been translated into Russian, so we only had to voice over the videos and replace English onscreen texts with Russian ones. That was a creative work, demanding a very careful and attentive approach: all the details were to be taken into account. It related literally to everything: putting a right stress in sophisticated words, combining long Russian phrases with short dynamic scenes from the original videos. The trick was, to slow down videos a bit, leaving speech tempo the same. Besides, our voice over artists worked carefully on the intonation and pronunciation of separate phrases and words: some of them were recorded several times to meet the client's requirements accurately. 

Before the work started, we offered the client to select the most fitting voice and asked questions about their previous voice over experience. We cleared up all the previous issues to avoid the last supplier's mistakes and ensure high quality of our voice over work. Finally, the job brought us positive feedback from the client, new media project for our portfolio and video tutorials in Russian which will surely help the laboratory workers in their research and educational work!


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