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Localization is a comprehensive process of product adaptation to the target audience of a certain country. The term ”localization” is broader in meaning than “translation”. Localization is not just translating a text into a foreign language, but also bringing all relevant notions and components to correspondence with the requirements of the target market. It also includes the localization of dates, times, numbers, currency, examples, names, word forms, i.e. adaptation of source information to the cultural specifics and national standards of a particular country.

Lingvista specializes in the localization of software and web services. Such projects typically require the use of special tools and include the following types of work:

•    Localization of user interface and system messages
•    Translation of help content
•    Translation of related promo materials (presentations, advertising brochures, press releases, etc.)
•    Testing (linguistic and functional, if needed)

Lingvista does all of the above. For over 4 years, we have been actively involved in a large international software and web services localization project for one of the global leaders in web technologies. Lingvista has a team of reviewers working in this project who provide quality control of technical and marketing texts localized into Russian as well as linguistic testing of the final product. Moreover, due to the complexity of the project and high requirements to team members, we have developed and successfully tested a unique reviewer training program for this particular project. It allows us to respond quickly to increasing workloads and provides a steady inflow of qualified resources.

We are ready to use our expertise in the localization of your products. Just fill in this contact form, and we’ll get back to you to discuss the details.