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Working on videos: translation and voiceover in Russian


Audiovisual projects are our special passion. The tasks may vary from transcription of source audios and videos to subtitles translation and voiceover recorded in a studio. We’ve had a pleasure to work on every mission mentioned above. Just a week ago, we created a transcription, translated the text from an English video and also organized voiceover by Russian native speakers. That’s how we started cooperation with a new partner and listened to how our translation sounded from the screen. And we did like it!

It’s always important to find free ways to exchange information and professional experience. But sometimes the main struggle is that not all the staff members in a company are proficient enough when it comes to foreign languages. What if foreign partners or colleagues from an office abroad send some meaningful audio and visual materials not translated from their language? The answer is quite obvious: it is a reason to order localization services to get the information translated and fully prepared for the targeted audience.

That is exactly what one of our clients has done: we received an order to do the transcription for an English video and then translate the text into Russian. The video is aimed at specialists in the area of nuclear energy and contains specific terminology, so the job was done by translators qualified in the field. After the translation was ready, our new fellow partners joined us and accomplished voiceover for the project. Our client took part in the creative process as well: confirmed the final version of the translation, chose a speaker‘s voice, shared personal preferences concerning the voiceover which were noted by us when working on the project.

As a result, we completed the first project in cooperation with a new partner and helped our client to make the video understandable and available for every staff member, even for those who don‘t speak English at all. So, if your Russian partners still have no clue about what was said in that video you sent them a week ago, it‘s time to ask for professional linguistic support. We‘ll make it sound in Russian! And not only, since we have experience in organizing voiceover done by native speakers of other languages as well.

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