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On-site Interpretation (Consecutive, Simultaneous, Chuchotage)

If your event is held offline, you are planning to arrange a conference or a business meeting with your foreign partner, you will most likely choose among these options:

  • Consecutive Interpretation(the interpreter conveys the speaker’s message in the target language after they have finished speaking) – the speaker leaves spaces in their speech, and the interpreter conveys the message in the target language in small parts, standing nearby. This is a good option for business meetings, B2B conversations, short presentations, negotiations, training, equipment tests, etc.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation(the interpreter conveys the speaker’s message in the target language while they are speaking, normally using special equipment) – interpreters work in pairs and use special equipment (a soundproof booth, a console, headphones, a microphone*). The speaker leaves no spaces in their speech, and the interpretation is performed at the same time. This is a good option for big conferences, international seminars, long presentations, sporting events, etc. It is obligatory to provide agenda/reports/presentations beforehand, as interpreters need to get prepared thoroughly.
    * Supply of equipment for simultaneous interpretation is to be paid additionally.

  • Chuchotage, or Whisper Interpretationthe interpreter is located beside the listener and simultaneously whispers the speaker’s message in the target language. This is a good option in case there is just one (or two) foreign participant in the audience.

  • Comprehensive Linguistic Support – the interpreter meets the foreign visitor in a hotel and stays beside them for the rest of the day, guiding them to business meetings and events, interpreting consecutively, solving every task on site (arranging a taxi, advising on where to have lunch, etc.). We offer a one-stop service for your business trips: you can entrust us with booking flights, transfers, hotels, etc. This is a good option if you’re going on a business trip abroad.

We will select a local interpreter or arrange travel and accommodation for them. Please ask about the costs additionally.

On our website, you will find the list of the interpretation projects we have carried out, as well as approximate prices for this service.

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