IT translation is one of our key areas of specialization. Lingvista deals with localization of software, web services, web sites, as well as translation of IT-related patents, contracts and other documents.

We have gained sound experience in translating various IT-related materials, technical and marketing in nature. Specifically, we routinely translate the following types of content:

  • User interface of software and web services
  • Manuals and reference materials
  • Web sites
  • IT-related advertising and marketing materials
  • IT-related patents, contracts, etc.

Our specialists have experience of successful participation in translation and localization projects for Google, Microsoft, SAP, Dell, Apple, Autodesk, etc. We are familiar with the requirements of such large customers and will provide each client with a similar level of quality and service.

Here you can find some of our completed IT-related projects.

Lingvista also has sound translation expertise in the following topics:

•    Oil&gas
•    Medicine
•    Law
•    Other topics

Customer Reviews

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    We would like to express our gratitude to Smart Business Trips LLC and Lingvista LLC, for organization and successful hosting of the APEC events in Russia...

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