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The Boomerang Principle


“Hi, you translated some documents for us about a year ago, now we have some more to translate… Can you help?” Sure, we can! It’s our pleasure to receive such requests from the clients we worked with previously. We really appreciate our returning customers, because true experience and the trust gained thereafter are priceless. Feedback on the work we do is always welcome as well.

How to gain more projects and jobs? It’s quite simple: just take a look at the current circumstances. If everything is fine (all projects are completed on time with high quality), it means you have already done part of the job. We know that for sure, since our clients tend to return with new orders after mutually beneficial cooperation.

It doesn’t matter if this is translation or interpretation: the boomerang principle works anyway. B2C customers going to study or work abroad need to translate and notarize a great number of various standard documents. After leaving our city or country, it’s possible to place an order online on the Lingvista website: we will translate documents, notarize translations, email scanned copies and then send them via snail mail or by express delivery service, wherever our clients may live.

Besides, foreign partners value the advantages of our comprehensive linguistic support (interpreter + transfer) during their trips to Russia and CIS countries. Some of them stay with our company even after changing their company.

It also happens that personal goals cross with corporate ones. For example, we translated a book and after a while signed a contract with a company the author is employed at. That’s what we call a win-win concept ;)