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Editing/Linguistic review

In order to ensure the high quality of translation, at least two linguists should work at each translation job: a translator and an editor/proofreader. It is known that quality costs money and cannot be afforded by everyone. We understand it and can help you to cut your costs. You can do translation by your own and then forward it to Lingvista for quality control only.

The service of editing/proofreading consists in translation checking, removing errors, and making any necessary corrections. It includes the following:

– Grammar checking
– Spelling checking
– Checking the target text against the source to eliminate meaning errors
– Improving the style
– Formatting work, if needed

You can find an estimated price for editing/proofreading here. Or contact us to get a quote.

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    Working with such professionals as Lingvista's team is a valuable experience and a sheer pleasure.


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