Documents that need to be translated are often provided in a particular format that has to be preserved in the final translation. In case the format is editable, no difficulties arise. However, if the source text is given in a non-editable format, and the customer wants to get the translated document with the same look and feel, we work with professional DTP experts.

DTP and formatting are usually part of projects which include:

– translation of technical documentation that contains numerous diagrams, graphs, tables;
– translation of ad prospects, brochures, electronic presentations with images, pictures, various fonts;
– translation of scanned documents.

If you have a non-editable document to be translated, feel free to contact us – we’ll be happy to help.

To know the estimated cost, please visit the Prices page, or simply call us.

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    SDI Media Latvia has been regularly working with Lingvista Translation Agency since 2010. The team at Lingvista implements editing and proofreading of various audiovisual translations for us...


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