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Guided tours in foreign languages


Siberia doesn't seem to be one of the most popular travel destinations for European tourists. What's the reason? Remote, cold and way too exotic. But the real number of foreign travelers visiting our city might be truly surprising. For example, last week Tomsk was visited by a French-speaking tourist group of 40+ members, mostly from France. That's not a very rare occasion, especially in the warm Siberian midsummer.


Localizing videos from English into Russian


Nowadays there's nothing easier than exchanging messages and sharing videos online due to the global access to Internet. It seems there are neither borders nor barriers anymore! Except the language barrier. What to do, if colleagues shared an important tutorial video in another language, and it is a serious challenge for the employees? Just send us a request: we'll localize videos and make them sound in your native language.


Interpreting Japanese and English in Siberia


June had a dynamic start for us: there was an urgent request for an English<>Russian interpreter in Kemerovo region, a need for a Japanese-speaking linguist in Krasnoyarsk and a sightseeing tour for American tourists in Tomsk. Seems like foreign visitors prefer to come to Siberia in the warm season, both for work and rest.


Future linguists


Summer inspires us to dream about a relaxing holiday season, but its beginning means the most busy time for students. June is a month of state exams and thesis defense preparations at universities all over Russia. We managed to find out how future interpreters and translators from the Tomsk State University face the final challenges. Are graduates prepared for real work in their professional field?


The fifth business lunch for exporters: cutting costs


Doing business is not limited to meetings, negotiations, trips, sales and delivery. Some things stay behind the scene, such as paperwork, contracts, agreements, invoices, accounting, etc. Our latest business lunch for exporters was dedicated to this significant invisible side of any business.


Interpreting in Blagoveshchensk


Business trips and international cooperation can lead to any corner of the world. Could members of delegation from South Sudan have ever imagined themselves working in the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk (Far East region) assisted by an interpreter from the Siberian city of Tomsk? However, that’s how one of our May projects came to life.


To see and to be seen: participation in international fairs and exhibitions


The world is changing rapidly, so companies need to track all business trends and news to keep up the pace. International fairs and trade shows make it possible: the number of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world is growing year by year. English is a common language of business communication worldwide, so overcoming the language barrier is often a top-priority issue for a potential exhibitor. Lingvista is ready to find solutions for every challenge connected with participation in an international exhibition or trade show. Below is the description of our relevant experience.


Representing Europe in German


How do we usually get on a trip? Watch colorful photos from across the world, complete a travel plan and read inspiring articles describing bright landmarks and attractions from a must-see list. That’s what we dealt with while working on a new project and translating a plenty of various tourist texts from Russian into German. By the way, the project team included a German native speaker as an editor, so that the texts would become “kindred” for German speaking readers and travelers.


The fourth business lunch for exporters: Foreign exhibitions and Russian Export Center


Friday is the last working day in a week, but not a reason to put everything aside! Participants of the business lunch for exporters held in Stroganina-bar last Friday, April 6, would definitely share the opinion. This event was organized by Lingvista and Smart Business Trips and became the fourth one in a row of exporters‘ meetings, cause they‘ve got much to discuss. The main topic was a Russian company’s experience of taking part in a foreign exhibition and getting financial support from Russian Export Center.


Join the International Tomsk Marathon “Yarche!”


Are you keen on sports? Lingvista definitely is, judging from our experience: we provided language support for all kinds of sport events, local as well as international ones. When we learned about the International Marathon “Yarche!” taking place in Tomsk on June 11, we were delighted to undertake website translation for the event. Runners from all over the world are welcomed to take part in the race, so making the English version of its website attractive is an important mission.


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