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Subtitles translation is not for the squeamish!


Do you like the thrill of watching a horror movie or a mystical TV series? How do you feel about oppressiveness and tension that grow by the second? And now imagine: what if it was your job? Last week, our translators had to take courage to face some incogitable monsters in order to complete subtitles translation. This time, it was a new season of a famous American fantasy series, and soon all the monsters and creatures from the screen will speak Russian to the Russian audience. It’ll be AWFULLY interesting, we promise!


Discussing technicals in French


Lingvista knows for sure who didn’t get bored during the last sunny July days in Tomsk. These are French-Russian interpreters who took part in one of our recurring projects. Foreign experts came to Tomsk just like they did last summer, in order to check water treatment facilities of our city. We’re always delighted to work with our return clients, undertaking even more complicated and interesting tasks!


FIFA Confederations Cup 2017: behind the scenes


The greatest football event of 2017 has come to its end: winners found their trophies, fans from all over the world came back home. As for us, we’re drawing a line under one of our most extraordinary projects. For several years, Lingvista has been providing extensive support for a team of British journalists, our partners shooting FIFA Football magazine in Russia. They really had lots of work during the Confederations Cup! So did we, and now we’re pleased to share our fresh impressions.


Winning a bid and interpreting in Saint Petersburg


Every activity gets brighter and more interesting when it’s about a competition, because nothing is as stimulating as striving for victory! We know that for sure: recently Lingvista has won an electronic auction for linguistic support, which let us start cooperation with one of the largest Russian universities.


Specialized translation


Ordering a translation, a client expects the job to be delivered on the highest quality level possible. Professional translation means that the contents are conveyed fully and correctly, all the grammar rules are obeyed, and the final text contains terminology appropriate for the required subject. This can only be done by a qualified specialist, and each translator is a pro in their own professional field.


African exotica found in Siberia


The name “Ivory Coast” sounds really mysterious and intriguing to a Russian ear. What country is it, actually? It is located far away in the hot West Africa. Its name “Côte d'Ivoire” isn’t really translated into Russian, we just transliterate it into Cyrillic; unlike private papers issued in this country, which are definitely meant to be translated.


Language statistics overview


Which language is the most widely spoken in the world? Many people would say “English” without a moment's hesitation, but the answer would be wrong. According to statistics, Chinese and Spanish are mother tongues for a significantly bigger part of the world’s population. The TOP-3 list is the same in our work too.


The multicultural city of Tomsk


Living in the middle of the Western Siberia, we aren’t really surprised when foreigners we communicate with recognize the name of our city. The reason is that Tomsk is nowadays known as a significant educational centre both in Russia and abroad. A lot of students from all over the world choose Siberia, Tomsk and its universities for their academic studies. Indeed, frost, taiga and bears are not the only attractions here ;)


Technical interpretation in Kemerovo


Comprehensive linguistic support in various Russian cities and in the CIS countries is one of Lingvista’s key specializations. The neighboring Kemerovo region brought us several interesting jobs in March, both in translation and interpretation. As a result, a couple of days ago we added one more technical interpretation project to our portfolio.


Russian-German interpretation in the oilfield


Being an interpreter is a really fascinating challenge. This is a professional needed in every international event, such as scientific conferences, business meetings, or welcome receptions of foreign delegations. On the other hand, a fearless interpreter can launch out into the middle of the wild Siberian taiga to assist foreign experts in their communication with Russian partners in the oilfield.


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