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“How to” series: Being friends with in-house translators


Dealing with our potential clients, we often face the situation “We don’t need your services, we’ve got our in-house translator(s)”.

OK, fine. It’s a good option indeed, especially for the companies that have:

  • A constant flow of standard translation jobs, for example: translation of user manuals or interpretation at business meetings with clients/suppliers within one language pair;
  • A possibility to select such a specialist competently and to control the process of his/her work;
  • A wish and a financial possibility to keep this specialist as a member of the staff, although translation is not the company’s core business.

For all the other cases it’s easier and more cost-effective to assign all translation-related jobs to an outsourcing partner. Why?


Our creative friends from Province Design Studio


Let’s think of some worldwide known brands. What comes into your mind first? Four ceiling rings as a car’s symbol, a yellow “M” against a red background, an apple with a bite taken out of it… and many other images that are kept in people’s mind. Creating design for brands of every kind is exactly what our partners and friends from Province Design Studio do. We are pleased to tell about our fascinating cooperation with these talented guys :)


Being a translator/interpreter


There are all kinds of experts among us: engineers, geologists, doctors, lawyers, IT specialists and even poets. However, a challenging mission unites us all: we make language barriers disappear by conveying the initial sense of priceless data.


“How to” series: Competing with Google :)


“Hi there. Can you help us understand what our Chinese partners want from us?”

“Let’s see… Wow, what is that???”

“Well, we used to communicate with them using Google Translate. But now we’re stuck”

Not a rare occasion for us. Some customers tend to save on professional translation services and use Google Translate instead. Their wish to cut costs and adhere to modern technologies is rather understandable. To tell you the truth, we also use Google Translate for our personal needs sometimes. But there are situations where it just doesn’t work.

When is it acceptable?


Exploring Tomsk in English


Distinctive culture, the oldest universities to the east of the Ural Mountains, original Russian traditions, Siberian nature, unique wooden architecture and significant scientific events make Tomsk attractive for foreign visitors. We guarantee unforgettable impressions and a great pleasure of exploring Siberia despite the language you speak. Our tour guides are here to introduce our home city to you!


Rafting Forum “White Water of Siberia – 2016”


Siberia became a real attraction for numerous sportsmen in the last summer month, since it hosted an international cultural and sports event called Rafting Forum “White Water of Siberia – 2016” that was held in Tomsk and Altay regions. Foreign participants were accompanied in this adventure by Russian rafting devotees and a team of volunteer interpreters selected by Lingvista.


Happy Birthday and fair winds!


How to avoid boring and predictable birthday celebrations and gain bright impressions? Challenge accepted. We left well-trodden paths to cafes and restaurants and sailed to range the seas on board a pirate schooner of the 18th century.


“How to” series: Working in a high-end price range


“Your prices are high”, customers tend to tell us. We admit it: our services are quite expensive, so we face this objection really often. However, there are good reasons for that.


August heat: never too much interpretation

august heat

August is rightfully known as a ‘vacation’ month. However, we don’t idle our time away: before the month reached its peak, we’ve accomplished two remarkable interpretation projects in Tomsk. And there’s more to come.


Interpreting right here and now


How long would it take to get from Tomsk to Tyumen across 1,500 km? Call us in the morning and we’re there in the afternoon – ready to work!


Customer Reviews

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    We have been collaborating with Lingvista for more than 2 years now. During this period the company has proved itself a reliable partner.


    Read more Deputy CEO of SEZ TIT "Tomsk", JSC Konstantin V. Kaminsky