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“Projects” reconsidered

“Projects” reconsidered

Everybody understands the duties of translators or interpreters. What about project managers? We’re going to throw light on this enigmatic job, tell about the wide variety of our projects, point out the portfolio update available on our website and prove that every mission is possible.


41 cities marked on our project map!


The last month of winter: days grow longer, evenings become brighter and the sense of the upcoming spring is already in the air. February brought good changes to us too. There are more than 40 cities of Russia and CIS countries in our interpretation portfolio now!


Never too many projects


8 standard pages per day; 1,800 characters with spaces or 250 words per page… Translators all over the world are aware of these figures and standards. And how many projects can be handled within one day? What are the standards? We can confidently say: there are NO such standards. We managed to accept, handle and deliver 60 translation projects for one customer within just two days! How did we cope? See below :)


Focus on China: negotiations by phone and voiceover


December was a month of severe Siberian frosts, festive mood and noteworthy projects, such as voiceover of a promo video done by Chinese native speakers and interpretation of important phone negotiations between Russian and Chinese partners. Challenging projects and language pairs mean a bright old year’s ending and a great start of a new one!


National peculiarities of translation/interpretation projects


Dealing with various language pairs, we get in touch with translators from all around the world. Our mailbox is full of all kinds of imaginable names: Gayaneh, Rifgat, Nino, Zhanar, Rustam, Razhab, Sholpan, Laylo… Native Chinese speakers usually tend to choose simple Slavic names we’re used to, for example “Asya” or “Vasya”, thereby setting us free from a torturing decision of how to separate a Chinese first name from a surname. Live & learn!


A Cooking New Year


Tempting and delicious dishes are a traditional must-have on a festive New Year and Christmas table. This December, we decided to learn some cooking tricks and spent our company party at a culinary studio called “Good Food”. Now we’re looking forward to the magical New Year’s Eve, which will reveal our freshly obtained culinary abilities to all the relatives, friends and guests.


Season's Greetings


Dear friends,

We're sending warmest season's greetings from our snowy Siberia :)


Translating subtitles for TV series


Watching foreign movies and series, we often wonder about the way they have been subtitled and dubbed. How is it practically done? Who is the author of all the witty phrases? Who makes jokes funny and adapts all the puns to other languages? And how interesting is it, working on lively communication, conveying it into your own language in all its easiness and fluency? We’d like to reveal these “behind the scenes” secrets proving that this true magic is created by ordinary translators. Well, maybe by more artistic ones :)


Adventures of Italians in Russia (and beyond): interpreting for our Italian partners


We have clients all over the world, and the map in our office is abundantly decorated with colorful pins. But we’d like to emphasize Italy, since cooperation with various Italian companies is of special interest and pleasure for us. At the moment, we are providing comprehensive linguistic support for our new customer from Italy. Just can’t get enough!


Do you love rock music just as much as we do?


It’s hard to imagine the rock music world without such hits as “It's My Life”, “Thank You For Loving Me”, “Livin’ On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi. We’re delighted to tell you about one of our most interesting translation projects focusing on the legendary band. Let’s rock!


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