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Warmest Season's Greetings


Dear colleagues and friends,


Interpretation in Tashkent


It’s always exciting to travel to remote lands and destinations, meet new people and gain new professional experience. We’re excited to set new pins on our interpretation projects map, since we approach a remarkable milestone: the number of the cities we work in is approaching fifty!


Promotion opportunities in small business


Once we had a case when a girl came to Lingvista for a probation period and left the day after. When we asked her about the reason, she told she had been offered “a dream job”. It was a position in a big company. From then on, our interview with potential employees includes questions about their dream job. We tell about different people and different jobs they’re meant for. It’s really important for a person to understand that there are no “good” or “bad” work conditions; there are just various company types. One should see it clearly: where are my own skills to be applied?


Sharing the experience: business lunch for exporters


Working in our professional field, we always learn something new and discover various business peculiarities of our foreign partners. Since its start back in 2009, Lingvista has gained solid experience in the area of international business cooperation. Such experience is worth to be shared! We are pleased to present a series of business meetings for exporting companies from Tomsk (not only), dedicated to some aspects of foreign economic activity. The first event was held last week, with Lingvista as one of its co-organizers.


The Boomerang Principle


“Hi, you translated some documents for us about a year ago, now we have some more to translate… Can you help?” Sure, we can! It’s our pleasure to receive such requests from the clients we worked with previously. We really appreciate our returning customers, because true experience and the trust gained thereafter are priceless. Feedback on the work we do is always welcome as well.


Working on videos: translation and voiceover in Russian


Audiovisual projects are our special passion. The tasks may vary from transcription of source audios and videos to subtitles translation and voiceover recorded in a studio. We’ve had a pleasure to work on every mission mentioned above. Just a week ago, we created a transcription, translated the text from an English video and also organized voiceover by Russian native speakers. That’s how we started cooperation with a new partner and listened to how our translation sounded from the screen. And we did like it!


“How-to” series: Online fraudsters unmasking


We often mention our successful cooperation with translators and interpreters from all over the world. Indeed, we receive dozens of CVs daily and it may seem very easy to start collaboration with such linguists in case we’ve got relevant projects. However, their eagerness to work is the first wake-up call. Such mailout might be a sign of online fraudulence. How to recognize that? We’re ready to share our own experience below.


Happy Translation Day!

Dear colleagues,
Who could count up all the existing languages, dialects and parlances? An ancient language spoken by a billion of native speakers, or a rare dialect lost deep in a national culture – all have their own experts and translators.

In academic terms


We have already mentioned that some time ago we won an electronic auction for linguistic support of one of the Russia’s largest universities. Our new task within this project is the translation of some research articles from Spanish into Russian and from Russian into English. What’s more challenging: translate sophisticated technical manuals or academic research papers? A puzzling question, because both types of texts have their own peculiar features.


New reference letters from our clients


Providing high-quality services is just half the work. We wish we could complete every successful project by receiving feedback from the client, because that’s exactly what shows our efficiency and inspires us to move forward. “I was always highly impressed by the extreme professional and responsible attitude”, we read delightedly in one of the reference letters. Let’s stand on!


Customer Reviews

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