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Mind sports


Corporate parties in restaurants aren’t a novel idea anymore there is a wide range of possibilities to spend time in a creative way. Lingvista had several reasons for going out at a working day’s night. Spring has come; we’d celebrated International Women’s Day recently, and the team members decided to spend one of Friday evenings together. Guess how? Taking part in a quiz!


The third business lunch for exporters


An early spring came to our city, and we are ready to continue effective communication with exporters.  The third business lunch held by Lingvista and Smart Business Trips took place on the 2nd of March. This time, the main topic of the meeting was doing business in the Philippines. Participants had an opportunity to talk to a speaker who has a real experience of living and doing business projects in this island country which still stays enigmatic to the majority of Russian people.


New Spring in a New Office


Spring is the very best time for renewal and awakening. Why not for relocation?


Tractors and translation work


Last week we completed a large project that lets one follow the whole process of written translation. Within a short period of time, we managed to build a team of technical Russian-English translators, choose a proven experienced editor, plan time for the final DTP work, and set up a deadline for translation delivery. Let’s learn more about how it works.


Thank you, gracias, merci: our participation in the “Thank You” campaign


There are some things to stick to: kindness and generosity, helpfulness and gratefulness, as it’s really important to be able to thank those who helped us. The “Thank You” campaign is initiated by “Rybakov Fund” to make it possible: to express gratitude and send warmest greetings to people across the globe. Lingvista supports the campaign as a volunteer: we spell out and correct handwritten foreign addresses on international “thank you” postcards for them to reach recipients safely and make the world a better place.


The second business lunch for exporters


Last November, we told about the initiative of Lingvista and Smart Business Trips to organize meetings for exporting companies from Tomsk (not only). The story continued in 2018: the second business lunch was held on January 26th in Stroganina Bar. The participants focused on doing business in China, discussing real cases and ways to work successfully in this country. There were two invited speakers: the chairman of the Committee for International Cooperation from the regional administration, and a business expert reaching out from Hong Kong. Besides, the participants shared their own experience eagerly, which evolved in a really keen discussion.


US English video voice over


To introduce a product to foreign consumers, the supplier should speak to them in a language they’d understand - their native language, ideally. We’ve just completed a US English voice over project for our client going to broadcast a promo video overseas. The “voice” of this ad was to be a native US English female speaker living in America. This defined the task for us: getting in touch with American voiceover talents immediately!


Our interview for the “Echo of Moscow” radio station


Do you read business websites? Are you a radio listener? Then you’ve got all the chances to meet us in the media world :) After an article about Lingvista had been posted by a website dedicated to small and media enterprises, we were contacted by journalists from the “Echo of Moscow”, quite a remarkable radio station broadcasting in Russia, CIS countries, Chicago (USA) and via the Internet. We were interviewed for the program called “Potapenko Course”, and it turned out to be really exciting.


New Year – new industries


At the end of the year, we normally look back at the past and make conclusions. Experts of the Russian Language Creative Development Center did just the same: stepping into 2018, they defined the words most frequently used by Russian-speaking people. The second place was taken by the word “bitcoin”, while “cryptocurrency” was on the seventh. Current trends didn’t pass us by either: we finished 2017, exploring a new translation field – cryptocurrency and mining.


Happy New Year!


We’re ready to face winter holidays, the most bright, wonderful and joyful ones. In Russia, New Year is the year’s main holiday which is celebrated in the biggest way. We send our warmest greetings and congratulations to all the partners, clients, colleagues and friends worldwide!


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