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Happily ever after: Long-term cooperation brings surprises


Do you value contacts with your long-term clients? Judging from our experience, long-time cooperation may turn out surprising and rise to a new level. This autumn, one of Lingvista´s customers proved that such course of events is truly possible when it comes to business. It´s important not to lose the right moment to bring cooperation to a new stage.


Rhythmic gymnastics and creative translation


We have explored many interesting subjects while working with translations and studying facts from various areas. For example, we recently dealt with professional Olympic sport within one of our projects. Translation of interviews and records taken during rhythmical gymnastics trainings turned out to be a creative and tricky challenge - just as this impressive sport itself.


Translating from Georgian and into Portuguese


For the time of Lingvista’s work, we have already taken part in all the unusual projects and translated from/to all the exotic languages ever possible, it seems. However, our clients keep on surprising us with new interesting requests. Thus, last week we worked with Georgian and Portuguese languages, notarized these translations and got a preliminary request for Mongolian-Russian interpretation.


Business & social responsibility: anything in common? Our APEC experience


APEC is a forum for 21 Pacific Rim member economies, including the Russian one. The forum practically builds up a conversation of governance, science and business to ensure economic prosperity and make people’s life better. Our companies Lingvista and Smart Business Trips are also among active participants.


Dear colleagues, the day has come!


Every single day is a holiday, literally. Hugging Day, Courtesy Day, Dance or Folksong Day… Meanwhile, what’s celebrated on September, 30? There are people all over the world who would answer the question without any doubts. They are translators!


Audio projects: listening, scripts, voice over


Media projects belong to one of the translator’s broadest fields of action. Firstly, it’s subtitles translation, but there are a lot of other professional areas here. Now Lingvista is working on several media projects: listening to audios, creating scripts, translating and recording video voice over, both assisted by native English speakers and on our own.


Interpreting afield


Agriculture has always been one of the leading and most significant sectors of the Russian economy. We can barely imagine how it works afield, somewhere outside big cities we live in. It may be surprising to discover that such a traditional thing as agriculture is closely bound up with modern technologies, international cooperation, popular world tendencies and need for interpretation.


Solving Chinese puzzles


There is one permanent tendency among others in the rapidly developing translation world: the Chinese language keeps being on top. Translation, interpretation, business and tourist trips to Russia, commercial correspondence, contracts, agreements, technical manuals… a wide variety of international cooperation aspects requiring linguistic support.


WhitePaper – does it literally mean “white paper”?


At the beginning of the year, we told about a new project that let us step into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain industry. We continue working in this direction and notice that the subject becomes more attractive with the time: now we accept job offers related to cryptocurrencies even from the clients who haven’t been connected to financial and IT fields before. Our job ads bring us scores of freelancers willing to translate blockchain documents and deepen their knowledge of the subject. The industry is now flourishing!


Enjoying the World Cup 2018 in Russia


The world has officially been crazy for football (aka soccer) for the last few weeks. We evidenced a chain of historical sports events: Russia hosts the World Cup for the first time; our national team outperforms itself and makes it to the quarterfinals, what we are very proud of. Besides, Lingvista has another reason to feel proud: we helped the British FIFA Football TV magazine to showcase the tournament in Russia from a new point of view.


Customer Reviews

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    Our colleagues within a single day offered us two demo records of the professional Turkish speakers. The final audio file was delivered exactly at the specified time. Lingvista also provided us translator’s assistance for video-editing process.

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